School Uniform Policy

Ohlone Elementary School has a mandatory uniform dress code policy. This policy was implemented by the WCCUSD Board of Education and applies to all elementary schools in the district. The District is focus on the safety of our students and providing a productive, disciplined learning environment, the District believes implementing the uniform policy is an important contributing factor in attaining that goal.

Students attending Ohlone Elementary School are required to wear official school uniforms. Uniforms shall be the same for all grade levels - as follows:



Navy Blue


  • Uniform shirts for boys and girls will consist of the following options:

  1. Long or short sleeved button front collared dress shirt.​

  2. Long or short sleeved collared polo shirt.

  • T-shirts must be worn under dress shirts and may be white only.

  • No emblems, logos, decorations, or decorative trim will be allowed.

  • Ohlone School logo spirit shirts may be worn any day.


Navy Blue


  • Uniform pants for boys or girls will consist of:

  1. Navy or khaki dress, corduroy or all-season pants.

  2. No cargo-style pants or pockets will be allowed.

  3. Pants must be well-fitting. No baggy pants will be allowed.

  4. Pants must be worn at the waist.


  • Uniform Capri pants for girls will consist of:

  1. Navy or khaki all-season Capri pants.

  2. No spandex or leggings will be allowed.

  3. No emblems, logos, decorations, or decorative trim will be allowed.

  4. Solid colored tights are allowed.

  5. No low-rise, hip huggers, carpenter-style, or bell-bottoms will be allowed.

  • Shoes should be appropriate for P.E. and/or other outdooor activities.

  • Appropriate shoes must be worn. Shoes with laces must be laced and tied at all times. No open-toed shoes, sandals, shoes without backs or thongs will be allowed.