reading incentive program

Ohlone Elementary's Reading Incentive Program rewards students who have accomplished reading a set goal amount with an unforgettable celebration at the end of the year. 

Students in K-2nd grades may read independently or with their parent/guardian or teacher (one on one).

Students 3rd – 5th grades need to complete the Accelerate Reader program objectives as assigned by their teacher. Contact your students teacher for questions regarding the Accelerated Reader program

Reading Incentive Form

A BIG THANK YOU to businesses, teachers, and families that supported Ohlone’s Reading Incentive Program by donating items and volunteering.  Remember to keep shopping at our book fair throughout the year to support the reading program and help provide the books for participating students.


Thank you and Happy Reading!


Ohlone PTA

Reading Incentive Program Co-Chairs:

Yolanda Cacho, Geraldine Ordona.

1st Trimester: Sep 4 to Nov 2

2nd Trimester: Nov 5 to Jan 11

3rd Trimester: Jan 14 to Mar 15

Forms Due: Thur, November 8

Forms Due: Wed, January 16

Forms Due: Wed, March 20

K & 1st Grade Goal: 450 pages

2nd Grade Goal: 450 pages

3rd-5th Grade Goal: Accelerated Reader program